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General Discussion / Rain Break! Plant!
« Last post by tbird on Today at 06:25:52 PM »
  Well today the rain stopped for the first time in 3 days.  I picked up 6.15" just yesterday.  The two larger gardens are hosting a bass tournament this weekend.  Or so it should be.  I did manage to get my raised beds planted with the late winter plants of Buttercrunch and Romaine lettuce, Kale and Bok Choi in.  The multiplying onions are growing like they are fertilized with radioactive fertilizer and the taters are about to break ground this week.  I carefully peeked at one   ;)

   As soon as the ground around the beds dries up some I will begin the drip system install.   The system is ready to go. Right now we are looking at at least 3 more days of rain with a one day break and maybe 3 more.  I had to use my 4wd tractor to get the truck across the yard today because the ground is super-saturated.  Thank God for raised beds.  After 6" of rain yesterday they were perfect today.  Lots of compost and 20% sand in the soil mix allows for excellent drainage.  ;)

  I am still over a month away from maters, squash, beans, etc.  Last February was warm like this and March came in with a few hard freezes and wiped me out.  I will wait this year. 
General Discussion / Re: What kind of bush beans do you like?
« Last post by Daniel Grant on Today at 06:12:09 PM »
DoubleB: Good eaters seem to think alike. I also choose the Picsweet brand. They have purple hulls sometimes also. Can't grow them at that price but the is something about the taste of local dirt.
General Discussion / Re: Potatoes
« Last post by Daniel Grant on Today at 06:08:08 PM »
I do not know if this podcast will work but hope it will. I highly recommend you sign onto the farmer to farmer podcast very informative and have learned a lot. Chris Blanchard has a very good program. This one is with a potato farmer (Gerritsen) in Maine who has been growing organic potatoes for 40+ years. He has a national reputations and there is invaluable information on the podcast and there is a short handout that is a free download.
Fruit Trees / Re: peach tree
« Last post by Georgia Clay on Today at 05:05:55 PM »
Here are a couple of pictures of one of my Pineapple Pear trees and a peach tree.  I can't my believe they are already flowering.  Praying we don't have another late freeze.

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Happy Hour / Re: Joke for today--keep it clean.
« Last post by Ragun Gardener on Today at 04:31:00 PM »
General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by Ragun Gardener on Today at 02:56:29 PM »
All of this predicted rain that never happens is wearing me out. This is 3 days in a row that rain was supposed to hit so I've been tilling and planting trying to get it in before the rain. I had to water today.

So far I've got in 31 tomatoes, 15 yellow squash, 7 zucchini, a 10' row of cukes, 4 20' rows of beets and a 30' row of rattlesnakes.

I'm exhausted and quit for the day but I really want to get some corn in. Maybe I'm not done!!

I just called to reserve 2 sacks of crawfish for tomorrow, Hanks has them for $2.25 a lb, last week they were $3.75.. What a price drop!!!
General Discussion / Re: MAGNOLIA LITTLE GEM
« Last post by catgrass on Today at 11:47:12 AM »
Forest Hill nurseries don't have them?? Wow.  Try Wilkinson Tree Farm in Iowa, La.  337-582-6563
Livestock / Re: Lambing Season 2018
« Last post by MikeM on Today at 11:00:41 AM »
Our ewe that just had twins Wednesday finally came back in so we could get some pictures.  She did the same thing last year - went to the spot the farthest from any activity and spent two days there. We didn't get a good shot of the ewe lamb but did the ram lamb.  Both were 9.2 pounds when they were born and pretty much identical except for which ear the tag is in.

We have electric netting set up in what is our back yard still to call them in for alfalfa rather than go through the mud to take it to them.  We have had friends come down from the city that were shocked when they see critters grazing almost right up to the house door.  :)

General Discussion / Re: Potatoes
« Last post by Georgia Clay on Today at 09:29:47 AM »
Great information guys thanks so much, onions, carrots and taters going in today.
General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by Rabbitproof on Today at 09:21:01 AM »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D....y'all crazy!!!!!
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