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General Discussion / Texas Friends
« on: August 25, 2017, 04:25:25 PM »
Many prayers for all of you in Texas and in the path of Harvey.  Know they we are keeping you and your families safety in our thoughts and prayers.  May God bless you all.

General Discussion / Christmas Pole Lima Beans
« on: July 24, 2017, 01:47:37 PM »
This year I expanded my garden on each end so I could try some items I had never tried before.  Some worked pretty good and some were pulled up after the first harvest and were a flop – at least for us.  I’ll put some of them in different threads.  Since this is one of my first posts - please let me know if this is too long or if I need to cut down on pictures.

One of the good news stories were Christmas Pole Lima beans.  We were pleasantly surprised how good these were.  They don’t really taste like a typical lima bean and to us they had a soft, creamy texture that is similar to a buttered potato.  I would recommend giving them a try if you have a spare row.  They seem to be in better shape with the SC 100 degree heat lately. I kept the first meal simple with just sautéed onions and garlic added to the beans so the flavor wasn’t masked to much.  I think next time we’ll add celery and okra with a little smoked paprika or meat of some kind.  It doesn’t take too many beans to make a meal.

I got a pound of the beans from Morgan County Seeds for $3.40 and there were more than enough for 2 – 50 ft rows.  I planted each side of the support fencing.  I planted them April 13th with my first harvest July 16th. 

Phaseolus limensis
Giant Speckled Christmas Lima Pole Bean (80 days) – excerpt from

A heavy yielder, easy to shell, and is a reliable producer in hot, humid areas. Christmas Limas are related to the lima bean, similar to the giant Peruvian Lima but plumper. This is a large bean with a maroon batik pattern over a creamy background.

The Christmas Lima may be referred to as a speckled lima or butter bean. The bean is 7/8 long and maintains its markings after cooking.  The bean's chestnut flavor combined with its festive coloring are the reason for the name Christmas Lima.

The Christmas Lima has a buttery flavor and creamy texture. The lima's crisp nutty flavor- sometimes described as similar to chestnuts. The cooked texture is similar to that of a baked potato.  Source of information: Gary Joseph

They were easy to grow and are still producing well with no signs yet of slowing down.  The vines are somewhere close to 11 ft long.  Here are some pics of beans and we’ll do it in reverse order from this week back to March.

Here is the most important part – the Beans  are about the size of a quarter.  I have let them dry some before harvesting them.

Here is the support fence.  It is my old fence line before expanding this South side.  The posts are 8 ft tall with a cattle panel on the bottom and 4 ft of crop netting across the top.  I didn’t use any wire or rope on the top and will add that for last year.  It’s a 15ft run between posts and is much too much weight for supporting the beans.  I’ll have to add that next year.

Hope this isn’t too long and you’ll give them a try next year.

Thanks for all the welcomes

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