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General Discussion / Re: Sawmill
« Last post by bobcatgardener on Today at 05:24:26 AM »
Your gonna enjoy that machine alot. Had some good times on my days off while working up north. Snow on the ground, wings on an open fire and working on pulling wood to the mill and sawing it.

How far you gonna deliever??? Lol
Thank you Steve! I am so excited for spring to get here lol. And we still have not been below ferrzing yet... and won't be for a few months!
The Greenhouse / Re: Greenhouse growing fall 2017 thru spring 2018
« Last post by USMC130FE on Today at 03:54:08 AM »
Looking good Danny boy!!! The addition is going to give you so much more space.
Keep up the progress.
General Discussion / Re: Sawmill
« Last post by mater on Today at 01:53:35 AM »
Yeah, that oughta work fine.
General Discussion / Re: Sawmill
« Last post by whiskydog on Today at 01:36:49 AM »
Thanks Mater

I just lay the boards across the rafters in the attic.  I don't stack it..  I don't mill a lot at one time.

I've been using it like a floor up there, gives me a little more storage place while the boards dry out up there.
Happy Hour / Re: Joke for today--keep it clean.
« Last post by crazyhorse on Today at 01:15:01 AM »
 A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game.
They had great seats right behind their team's bench.
 After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience.
"Oh, I really liked it," she replied,  but I just couldn't understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents."
 Dumbfounded, her date asked, "What do you mean?"
"Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it, and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was,
 'Get the quarterback!
 Get the quarterback!'
 I'm like, hello?
It's only 25 cents!"  ;D
Happy Hour / Re: Joke for today--keep it clean.
« Last post by crazyhorse on Today at 12:37:17 AM »
Well with tax time coming up I just had to post this.

Driving to work, a gentleman had to swerve to avoid a box that fell out of a truck in front of him.
 Seconds later, a policeman pulled him over for reckless driving.
 Fortunately, another officer had seen the carton in the road.
The policeman stopped traffic and recovered the box.
It was found to contain large upholstery tacks.
"I'm sorry sir," the first trooper told the driver, "but I am still going to have to write you a ticket."
Amazed, the driver asked for what.
The trooper replied, "Tacks evasion."  ;D
Happy Hour / Hereford heifers
« Last post by mater on Today at 12:30:46 AM »
After the strong winds the other day I had gathered a full truck load of limbs out of my yard.  I decided I was not going to pile them up over the fence all winter and have a huge pile to deal with next spring.  So it was a nice day and I decided to haul them to a brush pile on the back of our farm .  We rent our land to a good fellow that raises Hereford cattle.  When I drove out to the brush pile all the heifers came running to see what I was doing.  Around my truck was at least twenty of the prettiest Hereford heifers that were being weaned.  I just stood for a minute and looked them over.  When you've been raised around cattle all you're life you will pause to take them in.  They were nice.  Then I went back across the pasture to the highway and slung manure all over the road and my mud flaps. A day in the life.
Flowers / Re: What is Blooming?
« Last post by Sugarcityarts on Today at 12:28:04 AM »
I've got some garden mums blooming and there are fat buds and a few blooms on the azaleas. Lantana and a couple roses have blooms too. Just amazing to me to have anything green let alone bloom in late November
General Discussion / Re: Sawmill
« Last post by mater on Today at 12:12:07 AM »
I had some walnut and cherry stored in my hay barn and recently while building a table for my wife I discovered while planing the wood that the wood bees had been hard at work on my boards.  There was some loss and I had to work around what they had ruined.  Needless to say I moved the rest of my lumber to a smaller barn which was tighter and less accessible to these little varmints.  Lesson learned.
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