Author Topic: After your marriage do you remember your first meal where you were to live  (Read 357 times)

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Jewel & I can remember in detail everything but that first meal she would have cooked. We already had our place to live fully stocked and remember going to the grocery store several days before the wedding. We think it might have been a late breakfast but not sure. On our wedding night it was almost coming a freezing rain and the next morning there was some ice.  Jewel was already an excellent cook, but even if she hadn't been I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Jewel & I have had a beautiful journey together

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Monroe, I remember well the first meal I fixed. We got in around midnight the night before from our honeymoon, and the next morning I cooked waffles with our waffle iron we had gotten for a shower present. Boy, were they good----and we thought we were so grown up!! We ate waffles by the tons and watched Rocky and Bullwinkle on the tv. Seems like just yesterday!

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hub and i got married on a friday at the jp.  we had a nice lunch with his folks and took off to honeymoon for the weekend in atlanta.  my older daughter stayed home.  we arrived back home sunday night exhausted from all the sightseeing and driving.  we arrived back home, pizza in hand.  we ate and all went to bed.  lol.