Author Topic: More than just another book--Courage Under Fire--Yilda B. Rivera  (Read 242 times)

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Late in Nov. 1999 Jewel's sister, Julia, called from Ohio seeking help. We brought Julia into our home before Christmas and these two sisters became nearly inseparable as time went by. Julia, being 13 years older than Jewel and having left home at the start of WWII left them not really knowing each other. I had cancer in 01, Julia took over which really helped Jewel. In the spring of 03 Julia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She died in our home June of 03. Here is a quote from Courage Under Fire---"I understand that for the people who really care about you the fact that you are facing cancer is very hard to swallow--they will need time managing & dealing with their emotions just as you do"----Julia wanted Jewel to sing What A Friend We Have In Jesus at her funeral and asked me to conduct the service. I show a picture of Jewel & Julia and I took a picture of Jewel just before we left for the service. Jewel sang that day as beautiful as I had ever heard. I don't know how she did it. This was to be the last time Jewel sang before a congregation.
Jewel & I have had a beautiful journey together