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Hereford heifers
« on: November 21, 2017, 12:30:46 AM »
After the strong winds the other day I had gathered a full truck load of limbs out of my yard.  I decided I was not going to pile them up over the fence all winter and have a huge pile to deal with next spring.  So it was a nice day and I decided to haul them to a brush pile on the back of our farm .  We rent our land to a good fellow that raises Hereford cattle.  When I drove out to the brush pile all the heifers came running to see what I was doing.  Around my truck was at least twenty of the prettiest Hereford heifers that were being weaned.  I just stood for a minute and looked them over.  When you've been raised around cattle all you're life you will pause to take them in.  They were nice.  Then I went back across the pasture to the highway and slung manure all over the road and my mud flaps. A day in the life.