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Choanephora "Wet Rot"
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:44:28 PM »
  One of the more common and aggravating maladies to strike Summer Squash is Choanephora Wet Rot also referred to as Blossom End Rot.  Unlike the BER that strikes tomatoes commonly it is not caused by the same problem.  BER that affects tomatoes is caused by a low calcium content of the plant which causes growing sell walls to become weak and fungus spores are allowed to enter through weak walls and infect the tomato.  Result is a tomato with a rotted Blossom End.  The squash however is not infected by the fungus because something is wrong with the plant, but instead the fungus spores enter the squash fruit while it is still a flower waiting to be pollinated.  A perfectly healthy fruit will be infected before it begins to form due to the spores entering the flower.  The method of infection means sprays are useless against this infection either to prevent it or to treat it after it is detected.  The fruit is a loss.

  Choanephora is best prevented by spacing plants wider apart and on higher hills to allow for better air circulation.  Also as the small squash form and any indication of the fungus is detected,  carefully remove the infected squash and dispose of it away from the garden preferably in fire or in a sealed bag for disposal.  Do not put it in a compost pile.  Air flow and drier weather seems to reduce infection.

  It is important to note that there is nothing that can be added, sprayed or dusted onto a garden to prevent or reduce this infection.

  It is easy to diagnose as the fruit will be small and a blackish gray almost hairy growth will encompass the end of the small squash.  The fruit will be very soft and mushy.  If not removed the fungus will cover the entire outside of the young fruit.  The fungus does not infect the plant but only the fruit it enters. 


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