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Happy Hour / Re: Joke for today--keep it clean.
« Last post by crazyhorse on Today at 03:11:51 AM »
Mrs Rabbit , thank you.

 Ok lets  see some eye jokes---- the cornea the better. ;D
Mr KYhome, & Mr Tang, thanks for the kind words BUT if you could see some of the "goof ups"  I do , you would probably change you mind.  ;D

Well since I have to cross over   a  fence several times a week , I put an old piece of water hose over the top wire , now I don't get nicked with the barbs .

I keep a supply of hose repair accessories so I can repair most all hoses .

I have 5 "utility buildings" , 3 shelters & etc. , I put 8' florescent lights in them years ago,  so I can see at night if needed.
 (I just finished putting a "ballast" in one of these  lights before supper tonight.)
I used heavy duty 50' extension cords "drop cords" to hook electricity up to them , I cut the male plug in off and run the extension cord through the water hose and put a new heavy duty male plug back on the extension cords.
There is no electricity on the extension cords until  I turn it on at the main switch from the garage.
If you have something you want to put a water hose on and don't want to cut the end off, just cut the water hose in a spiral  ( make a complete circle about every 4" around the water hose) and slip  the hose over  and duct tape it back together  . Bucket handle covers too.

I will stop for now, didn't mean to ramble so long.

Happy Hour / Re: Just a thought.....
« Last post by crazyhorse on Today at 01:27:46 AM »
Mrs Rabbit, I am sorry your card was hacked and the trouble it caused you.
Thank The Lord you caught it when you did.

Mr BB , I hope you get your money with out any problems.

I REALLY thank both of you for posting this warning  at this time.
I had been thinking about using my debit card (which I have never used) at the gas pump to save a little time but now that I read your posts, I will just continue to go inside and pay cash and
I have found one gas station that sells gas 5 cents cheaper if you pay with cash .

I do purchase some items online with Pay Pal.
I would like to hear comments/advice/information/tips/suggestions  if that is safe or not.
Tools and Equipment / Re: Saving peas for seed
« Last post by Double B on June 20, 2018, 09:37:19 PM »
X 2 what Rat said. If you pick them green, they will mold in the shell and rot before you can plant them. Let them dry on the vine as long as possible and they will do you much better. Keep them in the freezer and they'll last a lot longer too.
General Discussion / Re: Tips for Gardening with a Bad Back
« Last post by Oxbow on June 20, 2018, 09:28:34 PM »
This is the one I got:

Amazon has several similar.  You can flip it over and use it as a seat, but I use my mainly for kneeling.

Tools and Equipment / Re: Saving peas for seed
« Last post by LakeRat1 on June 20, 2018, 08:24:36 PM »
I don't see it in the wrong Place, maybe some will, LOL  when I plan to save peas for seed, i let them dry on the vine, maybe not plumb dry, but drier that they are when I am picking to shell, once i pick the dry ones for seed, i hand shell them, let them set out a day of so, them place them in a zip lock and place in the freezer, the ones i just planted were from 2016, I got a 99.9% stand on 128 ft. of row, that should give us a nice batch of Purple haul Peas, I planted them in the raised beds that i had harvested the Irish Potatoes and snap beans from, once the peas are finished those same beds will be in for the Fall stuff, My peas are about 8 in. tall now, Good Luck with saving your Peas Pea seed

Tools and Equipment / Re: Saving peas for seed
« Last post by Dwight Hardy on June 20, 2018, 08:00:50 PM »
I put this in the wrong place
Happy Hour / Re: Cajun Cooks
« Last post by ksp313 on June 20, 2018, 07:39:41 PM »
Thanks gopher, lot's of recipes there!
Tools and Equipment / Saving peas for seed
« Last post by Dwight Hardy on June 20, 2018, 06:13:52 PM »
Can you pick once ripe and then lay out your unshelled peas to dry instead of leaving them on the vine.
I have some grated racks that I can lay them out on to give them air and keep off a solid surface.
Would they need to be in the sun or does it matter.

I'm wanting to replant a couple of rows and if possible I could replant quicker.
Not sure which way to go.

Any advice welcome

General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by Dwight Hardy on June 20, 2018, 05:38:52 PM »
Not a thing.
Watched rain all day.
Nothing I could have done would of done more for it.
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