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Ok so I got the garden weeded and looks a lot better.. There is still a lil rat killing next to trellises but that's not a big issue.

The squash we bought at a good deal from my buddy over here at the feed and seed. Some were real puny and didn't make it so we put eggplants in the spaces. The right trellis is cukes a variety called Homeade pickles ~!~! 
Donald and ole Hippie ya'll are doing good also. Donald do those Purples taste as good as I said a few years ago ?
Fruit Trees / Re: Grape vine
« Last post by Anole on Today at 07:56:22 PM »
Woodchip,  I share with neighbors, share with the birds, and we eat a lot too. I don't make wine or jam. I picked some today and have them in the fridge, I like them cold.

General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by ol hippie on Today at 07:41:56 PM »
Picked some squash and zucchini. Also picked a bucket of rattlesnake beans. Wife eat some for lunch we picked yesterday, and she really liked them. This is 1st time planting the rattlesnake beans. She says she thinks she likes them as good or better than the blue lake's we've always planted.
General Discussion / Re: Potatoes... now what do I do
« Last post by 1shotwade on Today at 06:34:42 PM »
I let mine get around 6" (actually whenever the weeds need dealt with) then side dress with triple12 and drag dirt up around them.I'm sure there are other ways of doing it.
General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by thebayougardener on Today at 06:27:05 PM »
Picked some more yellow squash, cucumbers and the first Cherokee Purple tomatoes.  It’s going to be a good crop of tomatoes this year.  Giving rain for the next 10 days here, hope it doesn’t mess things up.

General Discussion / Potatoes... now what do I do
« Last post by Greg on Today at 06:20:28 PM »
 :o :o :D :D

I have never grown potatoes before... but I'm really excited about finally getting the chance to try it out  8)

ok, my potatoes are breaking ground. I planted them about 4 in down. Do I cover the tops and let them come up another couple inches or let the leaves come out and just pull dirt up around them???  ??? ??? ???

Some instructions would be great!  :) :D :D

Thanks all!

General Discussion / Re: What's the weather like in your area ?
« Last post by ccat on Today at 06:18:46 PM »
Weather in my sucks!!!
Actually it is 77 and sunny today, but when you have 125 tomatoes in a greenhouse and the month of May hasn't cooperated one bit, the weather sucks.
Standing water and a soaked garden means I will get my toms out in June.   What is up with that?
Ok, enough venting,   It is what it is and I'll be fine.
At least I got seed in the ground Friday before last nights storms.
Hey Mother you have anything better to do than keep NW Arkansas so wet? ???
General Discussion / Re: My problem with Morgan County Seeds
« Last post by Greg on Today at 06:13:13 PM »
Ok, just to follow up...

I finally got my order from MCS. Better late than never. They were out of one item and replaced it with a more expensive version for the same price. You gotta give them credit for that. I appreciated it.

I think they just need to work on upgrading how they communicate with their customers a little better is all.

beautiful vincent!  congrats!

good job on the freezer jam.  you will enjoy that over the winter!
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