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General Discussion / Re: Howdy from the feesh shak
« Last post by woodchip gardener on Today at 02:20:38 PM »
dang timber.  70 hour weeks?  i hope you can slow down and get some relaxation time in the garden.   :)
looking good!  and what a pretty sunflower!  do you just grow them to look at them?  or will you dry the head for the seeds?
Happy Hour / Re: Question for y'all
« Last post by woodchip gardener on Today at 02:12:23 PM »
hi rabbit

when i was getting ready to re-do our decks i had to find out a way to get the mold out.  amazingly, hydrogen peroxide is a natural oxygen bleach.  empty everything out.  get a bottle of the highest % peroxide you can find and put it in a clean spray bottle.  spray the entire area until it is damp.  you should see foaming just like when you put it in a cut.  it goes down into the grooves and kills the base of the mildew.  the best part is that it turns to water from being exposed to the air within 30 minutes after you spray.  so you can just wipe it up with a towel and let the area dry. 

for the smell, go to your closest big box store and get a bag of charcoal.  open the bag and set it in there a couple of days.  it will absorb the moisture and the smell.   just be sure the charcoal does not have the accelerant or such added to it. 
General Discussion / Re: Garden Pictures
« Last post by Gymgirl on Today at 02:06:02 PM »
Thanks, Jimmiec!

And, yes, I'm hoping to save the seeds, soon as I learn how, LOL!  Gotta go Google it!
Happy Hour / Re: Got any interesting news?
« Last post by woodchip gardener on Today at 01:58:29 PM »
i saw a posting online today about marking fences and trees in a particular shade of purple to establish 'No Trespassing ' borders.  When I looked into it, it has been adopted here in NC already.  I did also see this is already law in Texas.  They did this to avoid the cost of having to constantly replace signs and allow large parcel land owners to have a more cost effective way to mark their boundaries.
Happy Hour / Re: Question for y'all
« Last post by Rabbitproof on Today at 01:51:21 PM »
Catgrass---am not totally sure it is particle board. If it is, I was afraid it would have to be removed----yuck! Thanks for the reply. I may call the plumber who worked on it and see what he thinks the board is. I am not good on identifying wood products.
General Discussion / Re: What's the weather like in your area ?
« Last post by bigboberta on Today at 01:46:27 PM »
Got 1.3" Saturday, 1.9" Sunday and has been drizzling all morning.  Really needed the rain, was really dry last week.

Happy Hour / Re: Question for y'all
« Last post by catgrass on Today at 01:37:11 PM »
Remove it especially if it is particle board.  The mold will grow in cracks and everywhere there was moisture. There is a chemical you can buy to treat after it is all totally dry, but I don't know what it is. 
Happy Hour / Question for y'all
« Last post by Rabbitproof on Today at 01:11:08 PM »
I had a slow leak under the kitchen sink and did not realize it for awhile. Last week I noticed a moldy smell under there and realized everything was soaked. I moved all the cleaning stuff,etc out of there, got the water out with towels, and called the plumber. It has been fixed for a week and cannot get rid of the mold smell. I used 30% Clorox(no results), then 50% Clorox(with no results)then yesterday blasted it with 100% Clorox. I would say the smell is about 85-90% gone but still is bugging me. Should I hire a carpenter to just come cut out the bottom of the cabinet and replace----or should I just keep putting more stuff on it?? I hate the smell of mold, and it worries me that there may still be mold there. The cabinets are solid walnut, but the bottom under the sink looks like some thick particleboard. Can it be removed without tearing up my cabinet? Maybe I am not being patient enough and should just try other solutions. Any thought on this?
General Discussion / Re: Quart bag contents ???
« Last post by bobcatgardener on Today at 01:03:21 PM »
That's a nice haul there Boo! We save them basically the same as you have said and most everyone else. It's just 3 and a half of us so we put between 1.5 and 2 cups in the bag. Fills the bag up pretty good leaving just enough room to get the air out.
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