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General Discussion / Re: Prayers for Bill (Golpher Broke)
« Last post by GopherBroke on Today at 05:46:36 PM »
Thy will be done, has been a big part of my life since I was gifted my faith, 6-04 AM Sept 27th 1987.   I have turned my life over to our Lord, as many of you said there is a higher power at work here. 
Fruit Trees / Re: Started Grapefruit from seeds
« Last post by Maggie13 on Today at 05:43:57 PM »
What kind of lemons were they?

I have a Meyers lemon I started 2 years ago.

Thanks for the update.
General Discussion / Re: Lillian's Yellow Tomato
« Last post by Rabbitproof on Today at 05:37:33 PM »
Have never even heard of it so looked it up.....

Lillian's Yellow Heirloom Certified Naturally Grown Seed

90 days, indeterminate — A potato leaf, late maturing, large (up to twenty ounces), oblate bright yellow fruit with a meaty, dense (no air space), pale yellow interior and very, very few seeds. Great, rich, complex flavors that are a bit unusual for yellow-fruited tomato varieties.  It is an excellent slicing variety.

This heirloom variety originated from Lillian Bruce of Tennessee, via Robert Richardson of New York, and sent to author and tomato authority Craig LeHoullier back in 1988.  He introduced it to gardeners through the Seed Savers Exchange and sent seed to us to raise in 2004.  Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
Customer Reviews   Average Rating review
   This tomato wins the garden this year.
This tomato is among my top three favorites too (my others are Sungold Cherry and Wapsipinicon Peach). It's a late producer, but the tomatoes are large, dense, and have amazing flavor. Relatively little cat-facing compared to other large tomatoes I grow. I'll definitely be planting more next year.
Reviewed by: Stephanie Linde from Minneapolis, MN. on 9/11/2017

   Gourmet in every way!
Later variety and not a heavy producer in my 2015 garden but a superb gourmet tasting tomato worth every minute of the wait. I have since purchased more seed for my sister's 2016 garden. I gave my neighbor an extra plant start to grow and her son-in-law said that it was the best tasting tomato that he'd ever had. It is certainly in my top three of the 37 varieties I grew this year. Definitely will be growing it again!
Reviewed by: Shelley P Hauser from Zone 6a Spokane, WA. on 12
Fruit Trees / Re: Started Grapefruit from seeds
« Last post by Ragun Gardener on Today at 05:35:08 PM »
Citrus seed update: The grapefruit are just slowly chugging along in the greenhouse even with freezing temps outside. The pot on the right has the seed with 3 plants growing from it but it's hard to see.

I also started some more seeds from grocery store fruit, 1 mandarin orange, a few large lemon and a small lemon seeds.
Tools and Equipment / Re: Interesting tractor.....
« Last post by Parrothead127 on Today at 05:18:15 PM »
This is the kind of thing that makes the USA great. For another kind of ingenuity, just look at the people who make the Hoss wheel hoe, I marvel at their ingenuity of remaking the old planet jr every time I get one of my two out to use them. Those old machines and simplistic ideas made this country what it is today. Great job on both pieces of equipment.
General Discussion / Re: What's the weather like in your area ?
« Last post by Rabbitproof on Today at 05:17:20 PM »
Donald....I would croak if I had a burst pipe right now!! UGH! Not over 14 degrees today here. Yea, tomorrow will get to 37....I may go out and sunbathe!!
Happy Hour / Re: Should I have him committed?
« Last post by Rabbitproof on Today at 05:10:29 PM »
Monroe-----LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet you got teased about that for a long while!
Tools and Equipment / Re: Wheel horse tractor anyone ?
« Last post by Parrothead127 on Today at 05:07:08 PM »
I bought a 12hp Murrey mower brand new in May of 1991. Parked it under the shed around 98 when I bought a MF tractor and finish mower to cut grass with. Got to thinking about it a couple years ago, cleaned carburetor, got a battery and she fired right up. Got new ag tread tires for it, took the mower deck off and now I use it just about weekly with a garden cart. I call it my “unit”. I use it for all kinds of yard and garden work. Used it this morning in the snow to get up firewood. That thing sure is handy. I use a battery tender on it in the winter to keep the battery charged, probably the only reason it started in the 24 degree weather we had this morning.
Happy Hour / Re: Wood burning stoves questions and hopefully answers
« Last post by GopherBroke on Today at 05:06:44 PM »
In the early 80's t bought a big old farm house that had 2 major additions added thru the years an each had been built at a little lower level.   The largest an newest was built by a brick mason so the whole south wall was brick inside an out with a very large fireplace an 2 chimanies.  I built a 2 steel barrel stove from a kit  an used the spare chimney.  I heated that big house with 10 full cordes of seasoned oak.    Yes it was a lot of work as I had to bring a rick of wood up to the house every week but I enjoyed the work an the heat!   The original living room also had a fireplace an there was a free standing air tight wood burner there that we used but it only heated that room an the upstairs. 
I see all of these reality shows that are out west or in Alaska an all the wood is pine or fir.  Telling me that soft wood can heat your house but make sure you clean the creosote out of the chimney often, cause a chimney fire will wreck your day.   
General Discussion / Re: What's the weather like in your area ?
« Last post by BamaFarmer on Today at 04:59:33 PM »
Low of 11 this morning with a high of 32.I'm almost ready to move to a warmer climate.
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