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Livestock / Re: Odin the dog.
« Last post by MikeM on Today at 07:16:07 PM »
Something else I meant to post about them.  At first animals in a guardians care will usually not take to them and will even head butt the dogs.  Most dogs take it to a point but they will do some mild discipline to an unruly animal and we even let our dogs act food aggressive to our sheep or they would go hungry.  They make a lot of noise and lunge at the sheep to scare them off but never use their teeth. Our herding dogs on the other hand will use teeth enough to make a hesitant animal get moving.  It doesn't take long for the sheep to learn that the dogs are their protector and you can watch when the dog starts alerting (barking) the sheep will head toward the dogs general vicinity for protection.
Livestock / Re: Odin the dog.
« Last post by MikeM on Today at 07:11:50 PM »
It's their instincts but it goes back for a 1000 years or more in many/most breeds. They will literally give their lives for their charges.   Our Pyrenees has been teaching our Akbash pup to stay with the sheep while she goes out and checks a fence line.  I have seen her stay behind with the sheep while the pup patrols but in the process she is showing him that one of them needs to be with the sheep when they sense danger.  We had issues with the Pyrenees when she was a bit younger but they respond well to positive training.

The old school way was just to put a pup in with live stock and expect a good result.  That is why you see so many of them in the pounds.  Their instinct is to play when they are pups like any other dog and they can injure or kill lambs in the process.  The mama ewes will head butt the biggest of dogs when they see their lambs being messed with but guard dogs can be determined to do what they want.

I'll post a picture of our two guardians in another thread.
Livestock / Re: Puppy herding sheep --so cute
« Last post by MikeM on Today at 07:05:01 PM »
Thanks Ben -  those first encounters can be comical.

I know of one trainer that was supposedly expert that let a 10 week old pup in with a bunch of ewes that had lambs on their side.  I'm not sure what he was expecting but those ewes head butted that pup so hard that he had a fear of sheep from that point on.  :)

Border Collies are hard to beat!
General Discussion / Re: Selling seeds door to door as a boy
« Last post by mbcabinetmaker on Today at 05:37:13 PM »
I sold peanuts around 1970 for the FFA.  I got poison oak and dog bitten but I got to see Martha Ann ##$$$%% in a 2 piece bikini when she came to the door so it was all worth it. ;D :D :D
General Discussion / Re: Selling seeds door to door as a boy
« Last post by MikeM on Today at 05:00:22 PM »
I did that one year in either '63 or '64.  I did it long enough to get rid of that batch but I found I could turn in soda bottles for either 1 cent or 2 cents and made more money faster than selling seeds.
The Greenhouse / Re: Starting on the Greenhouse
« Last post by bobcatgardener on Today at 04:46:00 PM »
We were not planning on making any elaborate doors for the front or back but when the windows are free I guess we use them. The double doors are the front and the single is the back. The neighbor walked over awhile back to get some maters and asked if we wanted them. Little did we know they were still in the boxes. Not a bad score. The one on the back is a wi Dow from a pile of so does that I picked up from a house awhile back that I was asked to help tear down.

There not perfect and the woods not all straight but it don't stop the maters from growing!
Here's a few pics of the maters. Cucumbers are totally gone. Will replant tomorrow. But the tomatoes are starting to get it!

Going to get more pics of everything tomorrow
General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by NewKYhome on Today at 03:56:12 PM »

You're making me hungry!  That meal sounds really good.  It makes it even better when you can those things yourself.

Glad to have some fall vegetables here.  Picked some yellow squash, Blue lake pole beans, cayenne peppers, zipper cream peas and tendergreens.  I can't wait to fix these up the next couple of nights.

A couple of years ago on a turkey hunt, a family that a buddy of mine knew from Missouri gave us some Dilly Beans for our trip.  They were outstanding.  I've never made any, but I think I'll try the Dilly Bean recipe from imstillworkin 's youtube channel with some of these green beans.  If any of you have a favorite recipe I would love to hear it.

Here's a link to her video and for anyone interested, the recipe in in the header of the link:

General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by Gymgirl on Today at 10:54:12 AM »
My girlfriend and I decided to play "paper dolls" with our seeds, and had an old fashioned swap on her huge kitchen island, Saturday.  In addition to bringing my bags of seeds, I had reached under my bed, grabbed a quart jar of red kidney beans, a pint-and-a-half jar of ham hock stock, and a pint jar of ham hock meat.  I grabbed some raw rice, and headed to her place.

I threw the beans, stock and meat into a pot, then put the rice on to cook for 18 minutes.  By the time the rice had steamed, it was time to eat!

This was my first time canning all this, and we were the guinea pigs.  Well, the seasoning was on point, and the dish was delicious!  Told ya'll I would be honing my canning skills while clearing out my freezer.  Now that we've sampled the canned product (and live to tell about it), we've scheduled a canning day next month to do more beans, chicken, and turkey! 

I am having sooooooooooooo much fun!

And, so as to not hijack this thread, I did set up my grow room to start seeds. I tested all the fluorescent light kits, and, all systems are go!  I'll be starting 47 collard plants, and kale, indoors.  Will transplant to the garden on Thanksgiving weekend.  Hope to have beds of beets, carrots, and radishes started this weekend.  Only growing what I can can, until there's space in the freezer, LOL!

Hugs! :-*
General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by Gymgirl on Today at 10:41:58 AM »

Trust me, you will have BEAUTIFUL broccoli.  One year, I gave several flats of broccoli more abuse than ANY plant should suffer, including almost drowning them in the flats they were in.  I did like you did and plopped them into my garden.

Best broccoli I've ever grown. 

Broccoli can "take a lickin' and, keep on tickin'!"   :-*
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