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General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by whiskydog on Today at 12:58:04 PM »
Plowed my best field today, kind of thinking to get ready for spring, but something about a fresh plowed field makes me want to plant or sow something on it.. maybe some greens or turnips..
anyway smelling the fresh turned soil I remembered as a child running barefoot through the fields after Dad plowed with the mules..  Sucked in a deep long breath, and at least two gnats..  got to remind myself not to do that again..  :D

Tools and Equipment / Re: Parts Cleaner - Crown PSC 1000
« Last post by GopherBroke on Today at 11:16:45 AM »
The company that I retired from had bean counters an environmental people decided that mineral spirits were not safe for us to clean parts in an went to a water based degreaser, which had a heater as part of the set up, an it did sort of work once the temperature got up.  We were allowed to keep our mineral spirits cleaner as we had to clean stoker parts that got greased twice per day for months at a time. 
Tools and Equipment / Parts Cleaner - Crown PSC 1000
« Last post by MudHog on Today at 09:18:07 AM »
A lot of us work on our own projects and needing parts cleaning. I have a Zep parts washer that I had Mineral Spirits in it. The Mineral Spirits worked great, but is a pain to buy in bulk. Last weekend I needed to change out the Mineral Spirits in my parts cleaner and decided to try the Crown PSC 1000 cleaner from Tractor Supply. I must say I am pleased with it and will not worry about Mineral Spirits again. The Crown cleaner doesn't leave a film on the part like Mineral Spirits did. $38/5 gallon at Tractor Supply isn't to bad of a price considering Mineral Spirits was $14/gallon. The Crown cleaner did a good job on the ditcher I am rebuilding that was full of grease too.

Highly recommended.
Tools and Equipment / Re: New to Me Ditcher
« Last post by MudHog on Today at 09:13:16 AM »
Thanks Joe. I bought it from a Crochet. The guys family are rice farmers and their farm is out off Gotts Cove Road.

I got everything stripped down. The big bearings were spinning in the housing so I am trying to find a larger OD bearing and will get the housing milled to match. The bearing now is 80mm OD and 1.5" ID. It's a disc plow bearing from what I have found.
Livestock / Re: Turkey on the canopy
« Last post by tangentalstorm on Today at 08:57:07 AM »
If you handle them a lot as babies they shouldn't get TOO aggressive because they will be used to people and consider them the benevolent food
General Discussion / Re: Oct. 28th Get Together Head Count.....
« Last post by Goonybird on Today at 08:35:10 AM »
Is there an oven there? If so I'll bring my New Orleans-style Baked Macaroni and Cheese and maybe something else.
General Discussion / Re: Oct. 28th Get Together Head Count.....
« Last post by catgrass on Today at 08:05:22 AM »
I'll be there with a door prize, some plants to trade .. Is there an ice machine at the location, boo?
Happy Hour / Re: old fat man doing window repair
« Last post by Monroe on September 18, 2017, 09:11:19 PM »
this set of windows has 18 panes 8x12--I'm down to the last six being through with the glazing. The window sill wasn't rotted anywhere but was badly weathered and had weather cracks. I made the old sill look new again by using Minwax epoxy. I've made repairs before using this product. I was 32 years old when we started building this house & gave no thought that I would be 81 some day and repairing a window I didn't want to put in but Jewel wanted this very one , it was in the plans.


General Discussion / Re: What did you do in the garden today ?
« Last post by Monroe on September 18, 2017, 08:48:17 PM »
cut & gave away the okra--picked out three of the best plants and am leaving two pods on each of these for seed--watered the potato row again--probably will till and hill in a few days--watered a couple of tomato plants.

Livestock / Re: Turkey on the canopy
« Last post by adrianrog on September 18, 2017, 08:42:03 PM »
That's really cool.  Our local feed and seed store got turkeys in about the same time as chickens this spring.   We added some chickens and I thought about turkeys, but in the end decided not to try it.  I didn't know anyone raising them and didn't know how aggressive the toms might be toward my wife or kids.
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