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Title: David Bradley
Post by: Daniel Grant on September 01, 2017, 12:15:44 PM
I just purchased 4 David Bradley Tractors from a man older than me (he's 81) who did not plant a garden this year. He said he used them for 30+ years to plant and manage his garden. He would not sell just one. He wanted me to have all 4. They all run and he used them last year. They come with 10 different pieces of equipment including a planter. One of the "tractors" is the one with the larger engine with reverse and what I call "positraction." I was looking for a winter project to keep me from having cabin fever. I will probably keep two and sell two. Have any of you used a David Bradley in a past life? What was your experience?
Title: Re: David Bradley
Post by: Daniel Grant on September 01, 2017, 02:46:50 PM
I should have mentioned these David Bradleys are the 3 wheel walk behind model David Bradleys.
Title: Re: David Bradley
Post by: Monroe on September 01, 2017, 04:07:52 PM
I know that Sears sold them and was probably the best all around garden tractor to own. I went to OK. with Jewel & family once to visit her uncle, he had a David Bradley and kept about 6-8 acres immaculate. I remember the garden but the most interesting thing was a couple of acres he would mow with a sickle mower for hay, he had a sulky rake and had made a front mounted bull rake. In the corner of the little pasture he had built a shed which he would shove the hay into. All this was done with a David Bradley walk behind garden tractor. I believe he did have a riding sulky he may have made. I never did run one but sure was impressed by one.


Title: Re: David Bradley
Post by: LakeRat1 on September 02, 2017, 07:22:14 AM
I think my Dad had a David Bradley back in the late 40s, he bought a used walk behind Garden tractor that had 2 tires that looked like the tires on a Jeep, it has a couple tools that went with it, one that I remember was a turning plow, I think it had a Brigs engine

I was about 10 at the time, I can remember Dad trying to use it, after a number of tries he went back to using the Mule, he did rig it up to run a small Hammer Mill, finely he removed the Motor and used it on our first Power Mower, He was a Machinist at Exxon (Standard Oil) at the time I think, a friend of his had a Machine Shop and he let my Dad build the Spinal which was made using a piece of Pipe, It was a lot like the Old Yazoo Mowers, the Blade was a round Disk that had sickle Blades riveted to it, 6 if I remember right, it cut 24 in path, he used chain hanging down on the back side it stop any flying stiff from hitting the one pushing, Dad took our wagon and used the 4 wheels for the mower, the only thing on the mower made of steel was the motor, spinal, sickle, disk, and the Handles, which was made  from a long piece of pipe, I can remember Dad looking for the right tree to use to bin the pipe into the shape he wanted >< all the rest was 2 x 6 wood, might have been 2 x 8,   

there was no clutch to engage the Blade, the motor set at a angle to the spinal, once U started the motor, U jumped the belt onto the pulley on the spinal shaft, that old mower lasted well into the 50s I can remember pushing that thing a 1/2 mile down a gravel road to go cut a Ladies yard for 3 bucks, >< I would give anything for a Picture of That Old Mower