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General Discussion / Heavy Duty Raised Beds
« on: April 09, 2017, 03:35:56 AM »
Recently while traveling I saw these heavy-duty raised bed gardens.  They appear to be made of galvanized steel and the powder coated.  They sit at a convenient height for seated weeding and even incorporate tabs and attachments for drip irrigation.  I'd love to have some (my raised beds are oak) but I bet they are pricy.  I'd never seen anything like these before and thought I'd share some pictures.




I just got an acre to use to grow pumpkins and was wondering what are good pumpkins to grow for novelty and carving and where to buy the seeds from?  Up to now I only grew organic pie pumpkins.  SW Wisconsin.



Hi All,

I am in need of a small portable greenhouse/seed starter for about 20 flats of seeds.  It needs to be portable and fit through a doorway.  I noticed that Donald used commercial wire rack shelving on wheels covered with plastic for this type of thing.  That would work fine for me if I could find a vinyl cover for the shelving unit.  I can find them but they are outrageously expensive.  On the order of $120-220 each. 

Does anyone have a source for a cheaper one  or any thoughts on my cutting plastic and making my own.  I'm not sure what plastic to use and what tape would hold up to the sun here in Arizona.

Thanks for the input.  Attached is a photo of a commercial unit with a vinyl cover.




Market Gardens / Does anyone grow Edamame for market?
« on: July 04, 2016, 09:45:33 AM »
I'm thinking about growing edamame for our farm stand and farmer's market because there seems to be a demand for it.  I checked our July 4 market (yesterday) and no one grows it.

Up to now I stayed away from it because my fields are sandwiched between my neighbor's large fields that he rotates corn/soybeans yearly.  Now, however I have access to fields away from that possible contamination. 

Our local organic co-op imports their  edamame and it sells pretty well.  I'm wondering if anyone here grows/sells it.



General Discussion / Where to buy 1020 trays and inserts cheap?
« on: January 07, 2016, 11:41:14 AM »
I'm away from my usual database so I came here because last time I needed this question answered I did a few searches and found the answer.  Going to be a bit more difficult this time!  I usually buy in big quantities but this time I just need 10, 1020 trays with inserts and plastic domes.  My bulk suppliers are expensive on small quantities.  Sooooo . . . .where do you buy small quantities of trays etc?

Warm Regards,

Faith Farms Viroqua

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