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This is  a few photos of our existing pond.

We spent about a month last summer clearing the area at the top of the photo.

Here is some of the stacked firewood ( Elm, Ash, Maple and Oak) we harvested from that area:

Looking towards the existing pond.The White Pine tree borders the edge of the exit stream.

Racing against the Autumn rains this year Jim runs into several  hiccups with the backhoe.

July 24th the Main Cylinder for the boom blew a seal and needed to be rebuilt.
Sept 7th  the Hydraulic hose on that cylinder blows.
Sept 16th the front tires will not hold air (Original tires dry rot) They both need to be replaced with tubes.
Sept 24th the battery dies.

We had to rethink our timeline goals.The pond will not be completed this year!

Breaking the dam to start draining the existing pond a couple of feet at a time:

While waiting for the overflow stream to dry Jim works on removing stumps .

It is hard to visualize this pile of stumps and rocks but it is approximately 9 ft tall He will cover this mess with the fill from the hole for the new section of the pond.

Now that a lane way was completed Jim starts on the stilt catch pond.

This stilt catch pond is about 5 ft to 6 ft deep and will help filter the spring runoff from snow melt.

 There is a small spring in this area so it needed to be pumped out each morning during the dig.We bought a pump from Harbor freight.

And ordered a high quality set of  hoses on line:

The main area  underway. We once again hit water.

More to come........

Double B:
That is a mighty ambitious project there Maggie. Where are you going to place all of that dirt you dig out of the pond?


--- Quote from: Double B on October 04, 2016, 11:19:21 AM ---That is a mighty ambitious project there Maggie. Where are you going to place all of that dirt you dig out of the pond?

--- End quote ---
Over the pile of stumps

All of your projects end up being beautiful.  I can't wait to see this one.

This sort of project has been on my " would love to do" list for most of my adult life, but I doubt that I will ever have the chance, so I will watch this thread closely.  That backhoe is going to get more than a few hours on it for your project!  Do you have a dump trailer or truck to help move the dirt or is the backhoe doing it all? 


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