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North-South Skirmish Association 137th Nationals


The weekend of May 19-20th will be the Spring Nationals of the N-SSA.  All who are in the area are welcome to come on out.

This year I will be shooting Revolver, Carbine and Musket. On Saturday afternoon the big Guns shoot in live target's quite a sight to see.

If you are gonna be in the Winchester, VA area and are interested let me know.


Tangental....have always wanted to go to such an event. There is a re enactment in Chattanooga, which is maybe only 1.5--2 hours south of me that we have been threatening to go to with a friend. Some day, hopefully!

I shot horribly but I looked good doing it new uniform and all...that's about the only consolation from this past

Here's how I looked.

Double B:
You do look very dapper in your uniform. I would sure love to see those big guns roar. I bet it was a blast (literally).

Thanks DB. I try to clean up well for a Hillbilly.

Here's a video of the big guns in action.


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